Building A New Foundation for the Future of the Nu Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at Florida State University

As the Chi Phi Fraternity prepares to celebrate our 50th Anniversary at Florida State University we are set to embark on a journey that will lay the groundwork for the future of our Diverse brotherhood. 

The construction of a new Fraternity house that reflects the rich history and success of our fraternity at florida state


This journey begins with You !

We need your donations to help offset the upfront soft costs associated with getting the project started.  Every donation regardless of dollar amount is needed.  Please click on the button below and set up a pledge or one time donation to THE Nu delta Housing Association so that THIS dream can become a reality.


The project

A much needed new house for the Brothers of the Chi Phi Fraternity at Florida State University will only be made possible through collective efforts of us all . . . , 

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step?  We need your financial assistance, we are calling on all Chi Phi Brothers, Friends and Family to help us make this project a reality. . .

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